Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Big Bang Theory, "The Sleep Study"

Sheldon’s coma dreams turn to nightmares as he imagines being stuck at a convention where Wil Wheaton steals his idea for a new superhero comic: The Caped Bazinga!. Meanwhile in the real universe, a bomb goes off in the hospital, trapping him in the burning building. Howard regrets murdering his wife, which leads him to try online dating. 1990s-style gay panic ensues when the dating app matches him up with Leonard! Cousin Leroy hears about the terrorist attack and decides it’s up to him to save Sheldon from certain death. A disheveled Raj shows up at Penny’s door and asks her to hide him.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Big Bang Theory, "The Large Hadron Collision"

In this Very Special Episode, The Big Bang Gang™ is celebrating Howard’s court victory by riding in the four sidecars of Cousin Leroy’s motorcycle when suddenly Sheldon’s breaks loose and careens down the hill. Hilarity ensues as he swerves to avoid various obstacles until a semi truck BAZINGAs into him. Leonard struggles to tell Amy—who was not, in fact, killed by Howard—that her ex-boyfriend was in a motorcycle accident and is now in a coma. Amy imagines what life would be like without Sheldon while waiting at his bedside in the hospital.