Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Big Bang Theory, "The Law of Order"

The police arrive shortly after the Big Bang Gang™ pulls off the mask of Howard’s dead mother to reveal that it was actually just Howard wearing his mother’s skin, and not actually a reanimated corpse. Howard is arrested for the murder of the dozens of people found in the cellar. The Sheldon and Leonard build Howard a robotic lawyer, but encounter some issues when the latest version of Windows causes some of its drivers to malfunction. Penny reminds the TV audience that she’s the dumb one and that these guys she hangs out with are total nerds. Cousin Leroy busts through the wall of the courthouse and challenges the judge to a surf off to determine Howard’s fate. Will Cousin Leroy pull off some sick moves, or will Howard have to pay for his crimes against humanity?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Big Bang Theory, "The Spectral Inheritance Principle"

Howard inherits a mansion from his rich uncle under the condition that he stay there for the whole night. Did we mention that the house is haunted? The rest of the gang agrees to stay the night with him in order to disprove the existence of spooky scary ghosts. The Big Bang Gang™ splits into groups to investigate the paranormal happenings. Sheldon and Leonard eat a comically large sandwich then hide in a vase after Howard’s dead mother chases them through the non-euclidian upstairs hallway. Penny and Cousin Leroy fall through a trap door into a cellar full of corpses. Howard is mysteriously absent throughout most of the episode. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Mr. Robot, "eps2.10_c0rp0rat10ns-man.mp4"

Elliot struggles to fit in with society, burying his face in a black hoodie while creepily staring at people on the subway. Realistic hacking showcasing an actual command line terminal are displayed as the show’s writers confuse plot twists with story and character development. The camera pans around to show creator Sam Esmail who proceeds to shout, “WAKE UP SHEEPLE! IT’S THE CORPORATIONS MAN!” while cashing a check written out to him by the corporations, man.

Friday, September 2, 2016

American Horror Story: Spooky Scary…uh, Boarding School, "Bonestorm!"

Strong female leads stand around waiting for Ryan Murphy to give them something to do as vampires, werewolves, monsters, zombies, murderers, perverts, drug dealers, different murderers, ghosts, ghost murderers, exorcists, math teachers, and psychic alien witches show up and do nothing to impact the season’s story arc.