Monday, November 28, 2016

Big Bang Theory, "The Conspiracy Theory of Thermodynamics"

The government is after Raj again now that he inadvertently revealed to the gang and the Escape the Room staff that the government used him to commit an act of terrorism against the hospital as some sort of false flag attack. Howard, Sheldon, and Leonard work on a rocket to send Raj to space while Cousin Leroy helps him evade the CIA in a high speed chase. Penny and Amy take a shopping trip downtown, but can’t find a place to park! Cousin Leroy is forced to make a tough choice that will change the fate of Raj and the gang forever.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Big Bang Theory, "The Escape Velocity"

A power outage wreaks havoc as the Big Bang Gang™ gets trapped in an Escape the Room puzzle. With no computers to hack or technology to exploit, Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and the newly rediscovered Raj have to work together to solve the puzzle the old-fashioned way, while also trying to solve the puzzle of where Raj has been the last few months. Penny and Amy have a girls night out that turns into a ghouls night out as they accidentally raise the dead by spilling toxic waste on an ancient Indian burial ground. Cousin Leroy gets a lesson in responsibility as he must babysit his baby nephew. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Big Bang Theory, "The In-Laws of Attraction"

Things get a little chaotic for the Bing Bangers. Leonard, Howard, and Sheldon are competing in a Halo tournament to rule them all… until Leonard gets an unsuspecting call from Penny. Her parents are coming to town, and she hasn’t told them that she and Leonard are currently separated! Now Leonard must fake a healthy relationship with his estranged wife while also trying to compete for the golden Spartan helmet across town. Meanwhile, Penny struggles to keep Raj hidden in the crawl space and keep Cousin Leroy from revealing their current fling to her parents.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Big Bang Theory, "The Theory of Electoral Selection"

Sheldon wakes up from his coma just in time for the election… of the United Trekkers of America, Local Chapter 1094. Sheldon, Leonard, and Howard struggle to choose between a spray-tanned loudmouth who doesn’t seem to have ever watched Star Trek, but properly hates the unpopular films of the franchise, and a pragmatic woman with a binder full of convention plans and specifics, but is kind of cold and flip flops on whether or not she likes Voyager depending on who she’s talking to. Meanwhile, Cousin Leroy and Penny win a free ride on the Goodyear blimp. When the pilot chokes on a piece of gum he received from Penny, it’s up to Cousin Leroy to land the airship. Raj shaves his beard in the crawl space where Penny has hidden him.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Big Bang Theory, "The Sleep Study"

Sheldon’s coma dreams turn to nightmares as he imagines being stuck at a convention where Wil Wheaton steals his idea for a new superhero comic: The Caped Bazinga!. Meanwhile in the real universe, a bomb goes off in the hospital, trapping him in the burning building. Howard regrets murdering his wife, which leads him to try online dating. 1990s-style gay panic ensues when the dating app matches him up with Leonard! Cousin Leroy hears about the terrorist attack and decides it’s up to him to save Sheldon from certain death. A disheveled Raj shows up at Penny’s door and asks her to hide him.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Big Bang Theory, "The Large Hadron Collision"

In this Very Special Episode, The Big Bang Gang™ is celebrating Howard’s court victory by riding in the four sidecars of Cousin Leroy’s motorcycle when suddenly Sheldon’s breaks loose and careens down the hill. Hilarity ensues as he swerves to avoid various obstacles until a semi truck BAZINGAs into him. Leonard struggles to tell Amy—who was not, in fact, killed by Howard—that her ex-boyfriend was in a motorcycle accident and is now in a coma. Amy imagines what life would be like without Sheldon while waiting at his bedside in the hospital.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Big Bang Theory, "The Law of Order"

The police arrive shortly after the Big Bang Gang™ pulls off the mask of Howard’s dead mother to reveal that it was actually just Howard wearing his mother’s skin, and not actually a reanimated corpse. Howard is arrested for the murder of the dozens of people found in the cellar. The Sheldon and Leonard build Howard a robotic lawyer, but encounter some issues when the latest version of Windows causes some of its drivers to malfunction. Penny reminds the TV audience that she’s the dumb one and that these guys she hangs out with are total nerds. Cousin Leroy busts through the wall of the courthouse and challenges the judge to a surf off to determine Howard’s fate. Will Cousin Leroy pull off some sick moves, or will Howard have to pay for his crimes against humanity?